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Floor Plan

7th Floor Plan
8th-30th Floor Plan
31st-41st Floor Plan

Individual Unit Floor Plans

Typical Residential Unit Finishes

Floor Finishes

•   Living Dining and Kitchen  :  600 x 600 Floor Tiles
•   Toilet and Bath  :  200 x 200/300 x 300 Vitrified Floor Tiles
•   Bedroom  :  600 x 600 Floor Tiles
•   Balcony  :  Vitrified Floor Tiles

Wall Finishes

•  Interior Walls  :  Painted Finish
•   Toilet and Bath  :  Wall tiles and Painted Finish

Ceiling Finish

•   Living and Dining Area  :  Painted Plain Cement Finish
•   Kitchen, Toilet and Bath  :  Painted Finish (Ficem/Gypsum Board)  

Kitchen Cabinets and Equipment  :   Laminated Overhead Kitchen Cabinets
Countertop on Under Counter Cabinets Stainless Steel Sink


•   Main Door  :  Laminated/ Solid Wood Door/ Steel Door
•   Toilet and Bath   :  PVC / Laminated door
•   Bedroom Door  :  Glass on  Laminated  Wood Frame (1BR)
                                  :  Laminated  Wood Door (2BR)
 Windows    :  Tempered Glass on Powder Coated Aluminum Frame

*  NOTE:  The Developer reserves the right to alter the plans and specifications as it deems necessary

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